Crappie jigging techniques

By | December 12, 2014

Crappie jigging techniques that have been proven time and again to be the most effective way to lure crappie. However, the jig must be versatile in order for you to be successful. You should choose lead head jigs that are of many weights so you are able to probe for the fish at different water depths.

The best crappie jigging techniques

Crappie fish anglers can use the best jigging techniques every month of the year, and can get a boatload of fish every single time. It is also important to know that crappie spend most of their time in deeper water, water that is 20 or more feet. The only time crappie swim in water that is more shallow is to spawn around oxygen rich vegetation.

Most crappie fish anglers wonder about the different number of jigs that are available on the market. They may also wonder:

  • Wind speed considerations
  • Weight considerations
  • Color considerations
  • Line size considerations

Anglers may also want to consider whether they want to be anchored in one location or if you want your line to drift slowly. Also be mindful of the wind. If your line is constantly moving, the crappie will be less inclined to bite. However, very subtle vertical movements may tempt the crappie to bite.

In this article i discussed the benefits of crappie jigging techniques and advantages of using this wonderful tool for fishing read this simple tips it will help you in your search thanks.

You can purchase jigging kits if you want to perfect your crappie jigging techniques. You can get matching color charts that will help you with your setups for catching crappie.

This is one of the reasons why crappie jigging techniques are better options when you choose the right colors. You may only need to know when to change a pink jig head to a black jig. A white jig head may be more effective in some cases.

Although most people believe that minnows are the only way to successfully lure crappie, minnows have to be presented in a different way so that they do not look like the other baitfish that are in the water.

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