Crappie beds

By | June 5, 2015

Crappie beds bamboo for sale on amazon deals with all forms of homemade crappie condos used for construction of the best fishing bed available for all fishermen who intend to purchase their beds online.

There are various modes of fishing beds that i will out line here today such as pvc crappie beds and dolphin beds that people in the usa search for so they can buy them for their special purpose which can be as a way of entertainment or preserving a newborn crappies.

Locating crappie beds for sale online.

If you consistently fish in a particular area, you probably prepare your own specific area for fishing by building your own crappie beds. There are various ways to build crappie beds; however for temporary, short term use, you will need just to submerge some tree limbs or brush.

After you have built your crappie bed, the next thing will be to bait the area. Here, you will use some type of fabric sacking, such as toe sack filled with cotton seed meal or dry dog food. The meal will seep out through the fabric, and this way, you will be able to attract bait fish like minnows to the free meal. The good thing is that where you can find bait fish, you can find the crappie.

After locating a crappie bed, it is time to maximize your potential catch. So how do you that? First, you will need to use the best hooks, and number 1 and number 2 brass hooks are the best; they bend easily. That means that if your hook gets caught in the brush, you will be able to reel it rather than breaking the line and having to re hook.

Secondly, if you can put your boat directly over the crappie bed, just do so. Otherwise, fish using a bobber if you cannot keep your boat in such a position. Of utmost importance is finding how deep your crappie is suspended. Once you have established the spot, you can sit day long and reel in a slab after slab.

To find the are where the crappie are hanging you will need to keep changing depths. If you are unsure of where to find them, just cast in all directions. Crappie are social fish, and they pretty much hang out there. The key secret to catching a ton of crappie is locating crappie beds plus now using the bait. Minnows is the best bait for crappie fishing.

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