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Crappie trolling rig setup

Crappie trolling rig setup and techniques for people who think fishing is a piece of cake they just start with mr no prior knowledge of angling at sea here. People who think like this, set themselves up for failure. Anyone can fish, but only if they have the right knowledge to assist them. Here are… Read More »

Deep crappie rigs

Deep crappie rigs are used for sea fishing throughout the winter time these procedure are performed by anglers engaged in winter crappie fishing tips here. Deepness finder to try to find submerged creek as well as stream networks of 10 to 30 feet of a deep water. During this procedure of best deep crappie rigs… Read More »

Rigs for crappie fishing

Rigs for crappie fishing umbrella are utilized for lures by fishermen with various lines for their live bait rigging to grasp the catch of the day here. There are various simple fishing rigs umbrella that are used in alabama which includes the old fashion cane pole bobber and a hook or a fishing pole with… Read More »

Fishing rigs for crappie

Fishing rigs for crappie baits are the best approaches that serve to attract lures used by fishermen living in in south carolina usa that use umbrella here. The diverse forms of fishing rigs for crappie includes an old practice of cane pole bobber and a hook with an ultralight spin cast or a clear presentation… Read More »

Crappie hooks

Crappie hooks for sale on amazon and ebay deals with the best eagle claw product review for 2015 while there are many manufacturers that produce these hooks for fishermen who are used to crappie fishing at the sea. It has been argued that eagle claw crappie hooks are the best that is why you can… Read More »

Crappie Rods.

Crappie rods have come a long way in the fishing industry. with the arrival of innovation individuals have a chance of listening to all the salespersons who inform you on how excellent these rods are, I call them the excellent series. I will certainly not state there are no bad crappie rods offered today, but… Read More »

Crappie fishing rigs time to catch more fish!

Crappie fishing rigs which is one of the best things that really separates crappie fishing from the other varieties of polish baits and popups crappie here. Of course, when you are out in the water, you don’t want yourself or your child to struggle with strikes. That’s why it is imperative that you learn time… Read More »