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World record crappie

World record crappie and setting a record size is a true personal achievement, because everyone knows the benefits and weights of ice fishing online. To see monster fishes of each species which are not easy to find and draw out of their hiding places. If you are a new fisherman looking for inspiration today, then… Read More »

Crappie Jigs How to Jig for Crappie

Crappie Jigs is a general term that encompasses a wide variety of artificial lures used for recreational fishing jigs can be defined as a simple jig head or as complicated as a three-ringed setup with sinkers and additional tails. It is impossible to go over every possible lure combination here, but what I can give… Read More »

Crappie Lures What You Need to Know

Crappie lures this is one of the more interesting and exciting activities related to crappie fishing is actually going out and choosing the right crappie lures and baits that you will use for your fishing trips. In today’s discussion we are going to explore the world of crappie lures, so you will know exactly what… Read More »

Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappie fishing tips the popularity of the crappie as a prime fishing game in America has increased exponentially in the past decades, and it is not surprising because this small freshwater fish has a lot to offer to all sportsmen of varying skills stay tuned for more crappie fishing tips in this article. As table… Read More »

Crappie fishing rigs time to catch more fish!

Crappie fishing rigs which is one of the best things that really separates crappie fishing from the other varieties of polish baits and popups crappie here. Of course, when you are out in the water, you don’t want yourself or your child to struggle with strikes. That’s why it is imperative that you learn time… Read More »